Skialp poles CARBON JOURNEY. black-yellow


The Runto CARBON JOURNEY ultralight telescopic poles are an excellent companion for ski mountaineering, but are also suitable for casual walks.
The pleasant ergonomic EVA handle fits perfectly in the hand and guarantees a comfortable grip during use.
Your hands won’t get tired because the weight of one stick is only 240g.
The CARBON JOURNEY poles consist of two parts that are inserted into each other. The upper part with the handle is made of light but strong carbon alloy and the lower part is made of strong Duralumin 7075 alloy.
The length of the sticks can be easily adjusted with the Speed Lock to a length of 120 – 150 cm.
The tip of the sticks is made of highly durable tungsten and can withstand long use even on demanding trails.

The 10 cm diameter plate ensures that the stick will not break in the snow and you will always have support when walking.

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