Bottle STEEL 9013 Black 550 ml


Stainless steel water bottle with 550 ml capacity and two types of cap.

The first cap is used to use the bottle as a thermos. The cap seals perfectly and keeps the temperature of the liquid in the bottle and has a hinged loop for hanging.

The bottle is opened by unscrewing the cap. The neck of the bottle is shaped for comfortable drinking.

The second cap has a mouthpiece with a straw. With a simple push of the thumb, the mouthpiece flips out and you can drink comfortably.

The temperature of the liquid when using this cap must not exceed 45°C to avoid damaging the mouthpiece or straw.


Wash the bottle after each use and store it open.

The bottle is not dishwasher or microwave safe.

Material: austenitic stainless steel, silicone, TRITAN, PE, PP, TPE

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