Bottle SPACE BLUE-MINT 500ml


SPACE 500ml sports bottle, which is made of durable Tritan without any BPA.
Tritan is a material that even with time of use does not release any negative substances or taste into the beverage like regular PET bottles. Tritan is health safe and due to its properties it has been used for a long time in the health sector.
The SPACE bottle has been tested in the EU.
The SPACE bottle finds its use in every leisure activity, whether cycling, skating or walking.
In addition, the bottle has a practical hand loop, strainer and cap lock.

Instructions for use:
Before each use, wash the bottle, let it dry and store it open. The cap does not guarantee 100% watertightness.
Do not wash in dishwasher.

  • Volume: 500 ml
  • Material: Tritan®
  • Cap fuse
  • Strainer
  • Screw top
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