FOOTGEL PROFESIONAL gel insoles are used to relieve and prevent joint and foot pain.

The insoles provide relief for tired and aching feet during work that is mainly performed while standing.

This makes them ideal for workers in catering, sanitary facilities or the police, for example.

The patented design of the insoles absorbs shock when walking and reduces pressure on the joints. This makes walking much more comfortable.

The upper layer ensures your comfort because it is made of a quick-drying technical fabric that has antibacterial, anti-allergenic and thermoregulating properties.

The bottom layer is made of gel that absorbs impact and rebound shock to protect the ankle, heel, knee and hip. Perforations facilitate airflow to keep feet dry.

The insoles not only eliminate odor, but also have a eucalyptus scent themselves.

FOOTGEL insoles are easy to adjust to the size you need with scissors thanks to the marked size lines.

FOOTGEL gel insoles have been rated as environmentally friendly and labeled a Vegan product.

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