Fannypack HIPS II Pink


Running belt RT-HIPS-II is great sport companion for all runners and tourists. Minimal weight doesn´t limit movement and you don´t feel it when you are sporting. The pockets are cleverly divided so that the keys and documents not blend into each other.You can also put your music player into the pocket – it has a small opening for headphones, which makes running belt RT-HIPS-II more comfortable.

Adjustable elastic belt is decorated with inscription “Don’t”.

Running belt RT-HIPS-II is the right choice for everyone who doesn´t want to carry heavy backpack. Instead of it, enjoy the happiness from free movement.

  • Material: 50% polyester, 40% polyamid, 10% elastin,
  • Color: pink
  • Simple buckle closure
  • Adjustable elastic belt
  • Zippered pocket + key pocket
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