Fannypack Bluesky Black


Do you know that feeling, when you want to go run, but you can´t take the mobile phone, wallet or documents with you? Running belt RT-BLUESKY is the solution. Minimal weight and intelligent pockets are big benefits for you. This makes possible to take your valuables without disturbing you. Running belt RT-BLUESKY has an adjustable length straps, throught which fits perfectly on the body. It has a buckle closure for easy donning and removing.

Running belt RT-BLUESKY makes you active life easier. You can go runing, go to the mountains or to the nature, take the RT-BLUESKY with you and you will have no limits.

  •  Material: 100% polyester
  •  Running belt is equipped with reflective
  •  Color: neon green, black
  •  Simple buckle closure
  •  Adjustable length straps
  •  Two zippered pockets
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